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Storybook Series: The Crow Queen

The Crow Queen...
awaiting a word from flame afar
the crow comes kawing with letter in claw
the impatient wait, come here, come stand.
Where is the Guardian and her twinkling star?
Come soon, come sooner, come ever more now
Where the dress maidens await with their heads bowed
For the news that has roused,
the Crow Queen beat, hearts beating, fleeting, ever composed

Part of the Storybook series. As Delphine and her Guardian traverse through the land, the Crow Queen gets a dress fitting while waiting for her rather mysterious lover.

Inspiration for designs from south east asian art. Also pushing myself to do more ornate decorative elements. Lighting and other coloring aesthetics borrowed from old American Illustrators. Trying to recapture that fairy tale and story book feeling with a twist. Learned a lot from this piece, and I hope to carry that onward.